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Things We Are Dealt With Make Us Stronger…

Senior and Young Women Holding Hands

As most people know I have been supporting my mother through one of the biggest fights of her life, triple negative breast cancer. She was diagnosed in July and initially was told that it was really small, non invasive. She opted for a lumpectomy and a sentinel lymph node biopsy. She sailed through the procedures and then we waited. Turns out it was worse than we thought. One of the nodes was positive which meant her nodes had to be removed  but it also turned out that the breast cancer she had was triple negative and invasive….. I’ll be honest, I lost it…. seriously…. full on ugly cry, lost it…..but that was the only time because I knew I had to be strong for her. My dad, brother, darling SIL, niece, nephew and I were her “team” and we all had to be strong for her, with her….

The next couple of months kind of blurred together with appointments, surgery (full right mastectomy and complete node dissection) and healing. Let me tell you, my mom is a tough broad. Not a single tear (that I know of, because she probably would not cry in front of me). She has not complained once.

Bring us to today…… I sat with her through her chemo today thinking that she has 4 weeks of treatment left. The last few weeks at check ups, my mom has been tachycardic (meaning high heart rate) but she has been asymptomatic. She also has been having this sporadic (not all the time) dry cough, so the doctor did the usual echo, which was normal and also opted to do a CT scan.

Mom got the call today that the CT was clear BUT they noticed a nodule in her left breast…… oh my God…. really…. REALLY????? Needless to say, I think I saw the positivity drain from my mom’s face today…. I also had to tell my dad tonight when he got home from the Q. He was PISSED…. I told him, we have to be positive for her… we do not know if it is anything yet…. and if it is, we will get her through it just like we have “almost” gotten her through this last bout. I’m praying for her, I’m praying HARD for her because although I know she is strong and tough…. I also know it is has been waring on her…… I have to say that life is not fair sometimes…. but the things we are dealt with can certainly make us stronger……….


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