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Polaroid Zip….. Yep I so Went There…….

So the latest craze in the planning world {well I guess the scrapbooking world too} is this cool little gadget called a Polaroid Zip. It is a little {and I mean little} printing device that links up with your iPhone/Android or tablet {via bluetooth} to print off pictures you have taken with your device. This thing is SMALL….. the dimensions are 2.91″ X 4.72″ and it weighs less that .41lbs, say what??? Originally I wanted to get the Canon Selphy printer but I found it was quite large {not travelling size} and I wanted something that could go with me in my purse or bag. Well this little baby is the ticket and I have heard some AMAZING things about it.


It prints pictures about 2″x3″in size and what is really cool is you can print 2-4 pictures {probably more depending on how small you want the pictures} onto one piece of paper. The paper is also STICKY…. yes sticky photo paper which is PERFECT for scrapbooking or putting in your planners. The paper is called Polaroid ZINK Zero Ink Paper and is available in 30 or 50 sheets. There are no ink cartridges to refill, the technology is all in the paper….. another reason I decided to go with this one over the Canon Selphy. Ink and paper replacement can be super expensive. For the Zip, a pack of the 50 replacement papers can run around 49.99 on BUT will ship to Canada for about 6.00. The price there is 24.99/50 so even with the exchange right now it is still way cheaper than ordering from

This works out to $.20 – $.80 per picture depending on how many pictures you put on each page. For me, I would do 2-4 pictures on each. That is totally affordable in my eyes and worth it to order from

I know that there are no places in my hometown which sells this printer or the refills as I have done the research but hopefully this will change in the future and I won’t have to order refills online.


The iOS app is available here. Looks simple enough to use and you have the option of doing the collages right on the app, you can adjust the sizes of the pictures by using your fingers to zoom in or out. I ended up ordering the printer from Apple, it was still cheaper ordering from there than it would have been from and I did not pay shipping. I can’t wait for this little guy to arrive so I can have some fun. Should be here by next week. Stay tuned for some planner layouts.


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