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Plan With Me Monday – Weekly Layout

So this is my first plan with me layout for the week April 4 – April 10th.

I am a huge Erin Condren fan. I love her stuff, especially her Life Planners.

I decided some time ago to remove the coil and I opted to punch my planner page by page to put into the Simple Stories Carpe Diem A5 Coral binder.

I {LOVE} it this way, it is so much easier to write in it and decorate it.

All the stickers used were designed by me using different clipart and digital art.

Please see below for credits.


I have tried the no white sticker layout which I found was WAY TOO MUCH, so I have opted to leave some white space on my planner.


My monthly calendar includes when bills are due. I also include my paydays, cut offs and  little reminder stickers of when I have appointments, birthdays, ect. Sort of like a quick view where the weekly view is more of a detailed view.



Owl Clipart – JessicaSawyerDesign on Etsy

Social Media Icons – Arrowisp on Etsy

Other clipart – Flaticon

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