Introducing NicoleDesigns!

So I was informed today that there is a lovely lady out there who has trademarked Dawn Nicole Designs. I was unaware of this fact but was getting some weird tags showing up on my Instagram. I told the posters that they had the wrong person because I wanted to make sure that the right one got the credit for the stuff posted. She nicely messaged me and told  me that she has trademarked this name.

Not so good for me considering I just forked out money for the website domains and the new stamp I got but lesson learned. It certainly is not worth a legal situation when this is  my fun creative outlet for me.

My contact email will remain the same at as I am not changing that. You can still get to this blog with at least for the year until this domain needs to be renewed and of course the new domain of Please bookmark it and come visit often. Once my work life sorts out a bit, which it will after this set, I will be posting more creative stuff.

Thanks for visiting!


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