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Essential Oil Bracelet store is OPEN…..

I have been busy busy busy trying to get my jewelry side show up and running.

My Etsy store “EssentiallyNicole” is now open for business!

Some of the stock has arrived so I have been slowly putting together some of my essential oil bracelets. I am obsessed with essential oils now…. I have them diffusing in my home 24/7 literally and I’m not even kidding.

So now with these bracelets, people who love essential oils can bring their love of oils with them wherever they go. The way the bracelets work is easy. They have lava beads or diffuser beads {whatever you like to call them}. You can add a couple drops of your favourite essential oil onto these beads {the beads absorb the oil} and the smell stays with you all day long.

I do not find the scent overpowering in any way. So if you have friends or family who are sensitive to scents, you could still wear these around them and not be worried about their reactions.

doTERRA oils are the oils I choose to love and use. They are AMAZING……

Below are some of the bracelets that I have completed. I am still working on adding them all to the shop but it takes time to get these things right.

If you have any questions about these bracelets, give me a shout….., I would be happy to answer                                               any questions you may have.

Thanks for stopping by…..


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