About Me

This whole blogging thing started out as a way for me to display my creative side. I work as a full time Paediatric nurse and needed an outlet to release the stresses of my job. I hold onto a stress a lot and I am not very good at letting it go. Most people run or exercise, which is probably what I should be doing but instead I hole myself up into my craft room and create. That is what I do because being creative makes my soul sing. There is something so gratifying when you complete a project.

I am creative in a multitude of things. I crochet/knit, I paint, I do mixed media. I scrapbook. I made tutu’s and hair accessories for awhile. I love to cook and like to try new recipes, although this is a hard one as I am single and live by myself, so the cooking tends to be when I am at my family home with my parents and they end up being my guinea pigs.

My one true passion is card-making. I LOVE card making. I started making cards around 6 years ago, maybe even longer than that. I bought my first Copics around 6 years ago and they sat for almost a year and a half because I found them SO INTIMIDATING. Then all of a sudden I was like, these are too expensive to just sit around and I started using them and haven’t stopped. It took me almost 2 years to get the whole collection, I became Copic certified and they have changed my life. I can sit for hours and colour.

Then my mom got cancer, and that changed a lot of things for me. I lost my creative mojo in a MAJOR way. I went from being cared for to being a caregiver. It is really hard to see your parents sick. I went through this once with my dad when I was in nursing school back in 2002, but his treatment was quick, he had surgery, some radiation and he was done. My mom’s situation has been a little different. She was diagnosed with triple negative stage 2 breast cancer with lymph node involvement. She has been doing her chemo (only 5 weeks left…. YEAH) and then she has a month of radiation. It has been hard on all of us but we are all coping in our own little way.

I am hoping that by starting fresh, it will give me a new outlook and lease on my creative life.

I'd love for you to comment.

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