Watermarks 4 Sale

I firmly believe in the importance of protecting one’s creative work.

A person can spend a lot of time putting together their creations and these creations should be protected. If you are choosing to use someone’s digital art (rubber/clear/digital) stamps, you should really be taking every effort in protecting their work as well.

I know for myself, some of my creations can take upwards of several hours to complete depending on inking/embellishments, ect. That is a lot time to be taken away or claimed by someone else.

Watermarks have become very popular as of late as more and more people are venturing in displaying their creations online. You can be simple or creative. It is a great way to put a personalized stamp on your work. With that being said, I am offering my services to make/create that perfect watermark for you. I believe my prices are very reasonable for the amount or work and time that can be spent in creating that perfect one. I will offer 2 different types of watermarks. The generic watermark which is listed below. These are not OOAK. Meaning these will be sold multiple times.


Another option is my creating a personalized watermark for you. You tell me what you like and I will try and create that perfect watermark for you. These will be OOAK and I will try my hardest to respect the design you request. If you are a business, please email me at dawnnicoledesigns@shaw.ca before hand and we can arrange special pricing for multiple watermarks for your design team needs. Please see samples here!


Generic Samples are $4.00 each

Personalized Watermarks are $6.00, if you are a Kit and Clowder member, the price will be $5.00 and you MUST let me know before invoicing goes out. It is best to just include this in the email when you request a watermark. For this price, you will receive a black, grey, white and a 40-50% opacity white (more transparent).

 I will admit that I am  having some issues with getting the PayPal buttons up and running.  Hopefully at some point, once I learn this platform I can get the PayPal buttons working. Until then this is how I am going to work this. If you are interested in either the generic or personalized watermark, please email me at dawnnicoledesigns@shaw.ca. If you are ordering a generic watermark, please let me know the sample number you are interested in. With either selection, I ask that you give me the information that you would like included on your watermark. I will also invoice you BEFORE the files are completed. I was hoping that I would not have to do it this way but stuff happens and now I charge for my work before I complete it.

If you opt for the personalized watermark, there will be a couple of emails back and forth to make sure I understand exactly what you want. I also ask that once I have samples ready to send you that you really PROOF READ them. Please make sure I have spelled everything right, I am not perfect and I do make mistakes. I would rather catch it before I get them finalized and have to do them all over again.

*Notice to Buyers*

This is a hobby for me.

 I am a full time RN who works shift work, which means these get done on my days off. I will do everything in my power to get your order to you promptly. I will also keep you informed if I am backing up with orders.

I will KEEP files for 6 Months! So please make sure you save these somewhere because I can not keep every single one I complete.

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Disclaimer: The fonts and artwork are found on various sites on the internet. If there is an option to donate/buy, I certainly will. I am in no way taking credit for any fonts or artwork used in these designs.